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Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Consulting

US NAVY veteran and Realtor with The Carvajal-group in Orlando, Florida.  Originally from the New York City area but the military brought me to Virginia Beach where I met my lovely wife, Deena, and then moved to Atlanta (1999) and finally Orlando (2002). Buying homes as investments to flip or rent out are are just two of my passions.  I use my experience everyday to help a buyer understand from A to Z what the entire home buying process is really like.  Not just what they watch on HGTV.  I maintain my clients trust by always putting their best interests first and repeat business naturally follows.  Working with buyers, sellers and rental owners over the years has afforded me the opportunity to get to know so many people; many of which are now close personal friends.  Since about 50% of my client base is Spanish - no problem there as I am fluent in Spanish as well.

Licensing: MLS ID #261095446

Orlando Real Estate Home Specialist (23 years experience)

Continuously in the Top 10 Selling Agents for the last 5 years grossing over $12,000,000 in residential real estate sales year after year.

As a real estate professional in Orlando, FL, I have in depth local knowledge and can provide you with the information you need on home buying, home selling, financing and owning real estate in Orlando, FL. The Carvajal Group provides a wide range of real estate services and utilizes the most current technology, processes and systems to assist you with all of your home buying and home selling needs. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, I have the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Short-Sale, Property Management, Landlord, Staging

Another military vet on the team guarantees a certain amount of discipline and tenacity.  And as is with Manny Arce who is leaving his mark by transforming the way we do business each and every day with a strick moral code of ethics. Manny is a Listing and Buyer's Agent with The Carvajal Group with years of advanced management skills in the Education Sector and has an incredible Entrepreneurial Spirit that shines so bright. Manny is a go-getter who won't take No for an answer when fighting to get his clients the home they want and deserve. Manny's calm and assuring presence has clients coming back time and again and sending Manny referral after referral.  

This super star has such a humble approach in all he does and leads by example of what a true real estate professional really is.

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent

The fabulous Debbie Alvarez hails from the Windy City of Chicago and now calls Central Florida her home. We are so excited to have Debbie with us because of her positive energy and her willingness to go that extra mile to get her clients the home that's just right for them. That willingness to be there for people is what led Debbie into the Real Estate industry. Debbie’s own experience in buying a home was unique in that her sister was her REALTOR and she was taken care of every step of the way. Debbie never had to wonder if she was being led in the right direction or if her best interests were being protected. Her sister’s positive influence on her solidified for Debbie that this is what she wants to do with her life. Debbie is making a life altering impact helping buyers navigate the sometimes frustrating world of real estate. Her mortgage background gives her a unique advantage that she can explain to her clients not only the financing aspect of buying a home, but of course the ins and outs of picking just the right home for all the right reasons.

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent

Hector fits right in with this tight knit group that have adopted the motto, "Leave No Buyer or Seller Behind".  Hector believes that trust must be earned and he earns his clients business by listening first and then over delivering once he understands the endgame.  Hector has a long history in sales, team building and mentoring in the real estate field so it's only natural for him to now use his talents with one of the fastest growing teams out there by being a top producing Listing and Buyer's Agent.  Hector credits his work ethics to his military upbringing and a family of high achievers who constantly lead by example in all they do.  Hector's coming from this strong family of doer's, dreamers, builders is what set's him apart.  Hector doesn't allow failure to ever define him but embraces all life's lessons have to teach him.  And by the grace of God, Hector will continue to blaze a trail and show the proof is in the glowing reviews and accolades his clients sending constantly seeking him out because for many out there already, Hector is the only man for the job.

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting

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Every once in a while a super star is born and most people don't recognize this until that star is well on their way. In Justin we have found this evolving star. Justin proves every day you don't have to be the oldest or the youngest person in the room to get attention. You don't have to prove you're the smartest or have the best "stuff" to prove your worth. It's your words and how you deliver your message that always speaks volumes. Justin is very humble in his approach and brings a unique perspective to real estate and knows that there is an under served population out there that is craving to know more and understand more about the real estate climate. He makes it his mission to absorb everything he can and teach it to anyone who will listen. He takes the time to educate his buyers and sellers. He guides them and patiently helps them navigate the sometimes confusing world of buying and selling homes. Don't let the young face fool you. Justin is a wealth of knowledge and wants to pass that on whether you're ready to buy, sell or continue to rent. Justin is the go to person for many people that have come to trust him over the last few years. When you want the truth about buying and selling real estate, look no further than Justin Cabrera.

Stephane is a natural at building relationships. His parents made it a point to instill human intuition, which has been vital to his success. Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti he comes from a deep rooted culture but at an early age his family moved them to the US. Thankfully his parents embraced the American way of life and still preserved their Caribbean culture. Speaking English while conversing in french and creole at home, became the norm. Stephane's love for music and dance further exposed him to other cultures. Following his Uncle’s footsteps he was dancing salsa, cumbia and bachata by age 13.

Stephane’s core values and interests helped shape him as a true gentleman choosing quality over quantity. As early as his college days, his work history began in the financial district of banking. There he learned to incorporate his people skills while adopting due process and efficiency for the financial world. 11 years in the banking industry equipped him with skills to help clients financially plan to buy a home. Stephane’s latest chapter has begun as licensed Realtor with this 5 star company. As member of The Carvajal Group he has pledged excellence to all services of Real estate!

Pili Jaramillo is the quintessential example of The American Dream.  Pili moved to the US from Ecuador as a young girl with her family.  Pili stayed in Queens and lived in New York for a number of years as an adult taking advantage of any opportunity that came front of her.  This dynamo is a Jill of many trades having run her own Tax Return business, working as a Flight Attendant, traveling the world and working towards earning her Pilot's license.  After her daughter got older, Pili listened to her when she said, "Mom, we need green and wide open space in our lives".  Like so many people do who are looking for a change, Pili and her daughter moved to Florida about 3 years ago to soak up the Florida sunshine.  

Her babies are her daughter, 2 dogs and her cat.  She has a protective love for all of them that chokes her up when trying to find words to describe it.  This humble, loving attitude spills over into her Real Estate career where she is a go getter and fights for the best deal for her clients.  Don't let this woman's soft demeanor fool you.  Pili is calm but fierce, humble but tenacious and sees an incredibly bright future for herself in real estate.  Pili wants to give her daughter the world and she wants her to see what she saw as a young girl coming to this country:  There are tall mountains to climb but she's not afraid to scale any of them!